Menstrual Coaching + Education Platform

Empowering women to align their cycles, break free from the diet mentality, and manage health through evidence-based nutrition and mindfulness practices.

FEMINIQUE will empower you. Be the women who knows how to listen to your body!

Feminique wellness is all about empowering women to achieve their greatest potential while preserving their maximum health and well-being. We don't realize how much our menstrual health affects our physical, mental, and emotional well-being and our self-confidence since we aren't paying attention. To effectively address the fundamental cause of the problem and find a solution, a novel approach to self-care that is unparalleled in the industry must be used.

Take care of all of your concerns and create a new chapter in your life full of meaning.

Are you looking for healthy, pain-free period & symptomless cycle so you can say goodbye to frustrating cramps, acne, bloat, and more and stop suffering silently month-after-month through simple and sustainable shifts?

Did you know is your birthright to feel good in your body!

With shifting focus to MENSTRUAL CYCLE , digestion, nutrition, metabolism AND hormone function, i will get you feeling energetic, confident & in tune with your body 

You want to feel more connected to your cycle

You want to feel comfortable in your body and in control of your symptoms 

You don't even feel like yourself and you're sick of it.

As women we have so many working parts -
periods, cycles, hormones…

I’m here to help you with that!

Self Study

A self guided, learn at your own pace, course to find your flow and work your menstrual power with minimal guidance


Cycle SisterHood

One stop online community related to women's health, nutrition, meditation, digestion. Packed with trainings, videos, supplements and many more


One on One Coaching

Combining education and accountability, we will work together to improve your lifestyle, hormone function and nutrition. Plan will be customised to your needs.


women will spend above time menstruating

10 years

loss of work hours due to menstrual issues AROUND THE WORLD

100 million

women wants period pain relief to be accessible



Discover the cycle as your superpower for more hormone health and well-being 

Cycle Tracking is a cycle awareness is the conscious observation and perception of your own menstrual or ovulation cycle. Being able to read your own cycle is a magical tool to better understand yourself and your own body.

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